Intro Class Coverage - Single member
04/17/2024 – 06/16/2024
2 Months

PLease enter only the new student's information.

For students

  • This membership is only valid during official activity times at an active HEMAA Affiliate. This coverage is not valid at unsanctioned events, non-HEMAA Clubs, or at tournaments.
  • Only provides insurance for training purposes - events, demonstrations, and tournaments of any kind are not covered
  • Provides no other HEMAA benefits than the insurance, and has no voting power and no discounts on equipment.
  • Only valid from the time of registration until the expiration. Invalid for any injuries/accidents that occur before the time of registration.
  • Lasts 2 months - must become a HEMAA member after that if coverage is still needed.

For Affiliates - Limitations and details

  • If you wish to manage multiple intro students, use the bulk membership option instead of this one.
  • You can allow students to sign up on their own and provide you proof.
  • Cannot be renewed - any attempts to re-register a student are invalid